The Randolph Women's Club

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Grant that we may meet each time in the spirit of kindness, fellowship and sisterly love. Let our words be sincere, our vision wide, and our aims united.


Board and General members are working on expanding partnerships (which currently include the Town of Randolph Police and Administrative offices, School Department, Inter-faith agencies, Historical Society, Public Library, Town Hall, and numerous private and non-profit organizations), as well as programming (arts, theatre, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, health, wellness, and prevention, history, women in business and industry, and inter-faith collaboration). ALL are welcome!

Vision and Mission

"The Vision of The Randolph Women’s Club is to honor and advance the legacy of the Club and the Jonathan Belcher House, through education, outreach, and collaboration, and to promote women’s well-being in mind and body. The Mission of the Club is to bring women together."

Our Creed

“Grant that we may meet each time in the spirit of kindness, fellowship and sisterly love. Let our words be sincere, our vision wide, and our aims united.”

The Randolph Women’s Club – Board of Directors

  • The name of the organization is The Ladies Library Association, also known as The Randolph Women’s Club. The Club has a Board of Directors consisting of at least five, but no more than fifteen, individuals elected at the Annual Membership Meeting. It is the responsibility of the board to transact routine business, make and approve budgets, set policy and determine goals, meeting places, times, and dates. The Board may also create Committees to preserve the welfare of the Club.


Current Board Members are:

  • Interim President – Gail Walsh 
  • Vice-president – Margaret ( Peg) Geary
  • Recording Secretary – Leslie Prescott
  • Corresponding Secretary – Gisele Ledan
  • Treasurer – Linda Larson-Schwarz
  • Assistant Treasurer – Margaret (Peg) Geary


The Ladies Library Association (known today as The Randolph Women’s Club) was formed in 1855 to encourage reading, intellectual growth, and benevolent service. The Association set up the first library in Randolph with 50 books stored in the bonnet shop of Mrs. Azel Howard.

The Association joined the Mass State Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1895 and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1928.

In 1911, Annie Belcher Tower Tarbell, a descendant of the Belcher Family and club member, gave the Jonathan Belcher House to the Ladies Library Association.

Early in the twentieth century, credit is given to the Association for rural free delivery of mail, clean up days, public dumps, the numbering of houses, and placing of street signs. Shade trees were also donated and milk supplied to undernourished children.

A “Well Baby Clinic” was established in 1927 to provide medical care for children in the community. This was a free clinic set up in conjunction with the Visiting Nurses and a pediatrician whose services were paid for by the Association.

In 1947, a scholarship fund was initiated to benefit a qualified Randolph High senior. This continues today with two scholarships awarded each year.

Over the years, many of our members have made notable contributions to the club and the community. Some of those contributions include:

  • Bringing in new members of all races and religions Including the Jonathan Belcher House in the National Registry of Historic Places.
  • Organizing The First Holiday Showcase, Fashion Extravaganza, and big Band Concerts.
  • Providing art shows for public school children.
  • Restoring the Marie Carr Room and upstairs bedroom.
  • Becoming involved in Project Smile.
  • Adopting a women’s ward at the Veteran’s Hospital, while providing holiday parties and needed personal items.
  • Establishing the annual Fourth of July Strawberry Festival.
  • Organizing community blood drives and flu clinics.
  • Securing seed money from the Community Preservation Corporation for exterior restoration of the Belcher House.
  • Opening the house to community enjoyment with free events.
  • Organizing the annual Holiday Marketplace.

The Ladies Library Association resigned from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 2001, and in 2005 the name of the Association was changed to The Randolph Women’s Club.

Today, the Randolph Women’s Club owns the Jonathan Belcher House and is responsible for its’ maintenance and preservation. In addition to caring for and renovating this historic house, the club provides scholarships to Randolph students, supports DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended), local Veterans, people with Autism, local artists, and the Randolph’s Food Pantry.